Britannia 4KG ABC Dry Powder Extinguisher Cartridge Type

  • Manufactured in Great Britain 
  • Britannia offer a 5 year quality guarantee against material defects and workmanship
  • Colour coded screen
  • Brass nickel plated valve
  • Pressure indicator gauge (magnetic)
  • Additional anti-corrosion treatment available
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The Blazex ABC 40 powder is a combination of Monoammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate.

On Class A fires the particles fuse and swell to form a barrier which excludes oxygen and prevents re-ignition. On Class B fires the powder interferes with the chemical reactions, thus the flame ceases to exist.

ABC 40 powder is nonconductive and will extinguish Class A (carbonaceous) fires, Class B (flammable liquid) fires and Class C (flammable gas) fires.